What Health Problems Can Asbestos Cause?

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What Health Problems Can Asbestos Cause?

The Dangers of Asbestos To Health

Artex is commonly used in many houses typically on ceilings and walls, if used to be one of the most common choices especially in offices and homes. Although it is not as popular these days, most artex will still contains asbestos and this can cause harm if it’s disturbed or damaged unknowingly. We consider the presence of asbestos in artex one of the most high risk and if present it will need to be removed appropriately. Looking at older formulations of artex tells us that the fibers are contagious, usually chrysotile asbestos. And they were used more often because they provide strength, durability and fire resistance. The original coating contains a large amount of asbestos and can be highly harmful and pose a health hazard. If we look at the composition of asbestos as a huge risk factor and can pose a health risk to people this is exactly why it needs to be removed.

Airborne Asbestos

If you’re undertaking any building work that includes drilling, sanding then it’s highly likely asbestos in artex can be disturbed. These are the most common ways asbestos can be disturbed and exposure or inhalation can be harmful and lead to many health issues. Should the person or persons inhale asbestos this could easily lead to asbestos poisoning. Should you or someone you know become exposed to asbestos then you must contact a healthcare professional.

Most Common Asbestos Health Problems

Respiratory Diseases
If artex is made from asbestos and someone is exposed long term this can lead to respiratory disease and in some cases asbestosis, this life in the body attacks the organs and causes breathing problems many of the other symptoms may not occur for a longer period of time. Respiratory diseases sometimes present in people and other times they go underlying (asymptomatic) this can be fatal and sometimes be fatal.

Lung Cancer
One of the main causes of asbestos exposure is fibers being released through the air and more often than not can lead to lung cancer. It can be worse if a smoker is exposed. When lung cancer is present in someone’s body it can sometimes take a long time to present itself and symptoms take a long time to develop. This can pose a huge risk and can be fatal especially if you’re a smoker and exposed to asbestos long term.

If someone is exposed to asbestos from artex over periods of time it’s not uncommon they will develop asbestos sooner or later. Asbestosis is permanent scarring on the lungs symptoms including difficulty breathing and reduces the ability of your lungs performing properly. Asbestosis can attack adults or children this is why if asbestos is present it must be removed professionally.

This is an aggressive cancer and damages the lining of the lungs, abdomen and other internal organs. This is a known cause if exposed to asbestos and other toxic chemicals. Asbestos exposure can be fatal and lead to many long term health conditions. Always remember to consult with professionals so asbestos can be removed properly.

Getting An Asbestos Survey

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