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Common Places You Might Find Asbestos

Here at asurveys we’re committed to bringing you the most updated information and one of the most common questions asked is where are the most common places asbestos is located in the home and workplace. But before we skip ahead you may be wondering what asbestos actually is and the simple answer is it’s six natural silicates made up of long thin fibrous crystals. It’s common knowledge that all these types of crystals/fibers can pose severe health risks to humans and animals and we consider exposure to them hazardous. Many health diagnoses take several years to detect after exposure. It’s no secret that asbestos can be found in any residential or industrial building structures if they were built before the 2000s as it was used commonly in building trade materials with its use not being banned until the millennium.

Common Places To Find Asbestos in Homes

You may not realise it but there are so many potential hiding places in and around the home, and it’s not often disturbed until construction is underway. Once disturbed fibers become airborne and become hazardous and often toxic to humans and animals when inhaled. The most common place’s asbestos can be found around the home are roof areas, pipe lagging, cement of your water tank or loose fill insulation. Another common area is textured coating used for decorative features on walls and ceilings, usually found in textured finishes such as Artex. Keep in mind AIB (Asbestos insulation Board) most commonly used in fireproofing but it can also be found in ceiling tiles, behind your fire, partition walls, bath panels and paneling found directly below windows. Sometimes it may even occur in boards located directly behind your fuse box, airing cupboard or boiler. Skipping back to the bathroom not only can asbestos not only be located behind the bath panel but also the toilet cistern and seat, it’s also a good idea to keep in mind vinyl floor tiles.

Common Places To Find Asbestos Outside

Asbestos can also be located in areas externally around the home including guttering, downpipes, soffits, outside window panels and roofing felt. One of the main things to be on the lookout for is asbestos cement that can be found inside and outside of any residential property. This is a mix of white asbestos (mix of chrysotile) and cement; this means a range of products have been molded and compressed to create a number of different products. Be aware it looks like normal cement on the outside but can potentially be made up of a third of asbestos.

Common Places To Find Asbestos in Commercial Buildings

When it comes to commercial buildings just like around the home asbestos can lie dormant in a number of different locations and are often similar spaces. Such as sprayed coatings and numerous surfaces, water tanks, loose fill insulation, lagging pipes and boilers. Again ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, wall partitions and fire doors can be some of the main harbours of asbestos. Not forgetting AIB around boilers. As well as in textiles such as fire blankets, residential dwelling and Artex. Externally commercial buildings can harbour asbestos and the most common places it can be located are roofing, guttering, soffits, flues and downpipes. AIB and asbestos cement can be particularly difficult.

Getting An Asbestos Survey

If you’re in need of an asbestos survey, then simply get in touch with asurveys today. We offer a wide range of asbestos services, covering surveys, inspections, management plans, consultancy and much more. No matter what your requirements might be, we can help.

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