Asbestos facts

Asbestos was extensively used as a building material in the UK since the 1950s. Any building built before 2000 will most likely contain asbestos, including factories, schools, offices, hospitals and houses.

It was used predominantly as insulation and fireproofing but has a variety of uses and can be found in pipe insulation, boiler housings, vinyl (PVC) and thermoplastic tiles, sprayed coatings and textured decorative coatings such as Artex, asbestos cement sheeting.

It is often mixed with other materials, which makes it hard to spot. It is stable whilst undamaged but if the fibres become airborne then the risks increase significantly.


The law requires that you must manage your asbestos risk if:

  1. You are the duty holder for any non-domestic premises;
  2. You regularly work on or alter the fabric of buildings;
  3. You have employees out in the field working in unfamiliar properties;
  4. You refurbish or demolish properties.

We offer the same personal and professional service to all clients, both large and small. Below are a number of links to handy items, legislation and further reading..

Good advice and a competent asbestos surveys and management protect your business and your workforce from the risks associated with working with asbestos.

Useful reading:

  • Asbestos essentials – a number of handy guides, invaluable when paired up with the correct training and some robust procedures;
  • Management of asbestos in buildings. This short leaflet is a helpful guide for building owners and other people who are unsure of their own duties under CAR 2012.

Current Approved codes of practice and guidance:

Handiest link of all:

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